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Leitner/Wiehr, Die andere Seite der IT
Business-Transformation durch Services und dynamische Infrastruktur
München, Juli 2006,
272 Seiten, 35,- Euro, ISBN 3-924943-47-8
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Das Jahrbuch 2006/2007; München, September 2006, 248 Seiten, 48,- Euro, ISBN 3-924943-48-6
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project 57 - Technology/Culture/History

Facts & Rumours:

From The Rumor Mill -- IBM To Buy Diligent
[March 23, 2008] "Israeli business news site Global Online reported last week that negotiation for IBM to buy data deduplicating VTL software vendor Diligent Technologies for $200 million had reached an advanced stage. This would follow on IBM's acquisition of Israeli grid storage startup XIV a couple of months ago. Considering that XIV Executive Chairman Moshe Yanai remained a director of Diligent after it was spun off from EMC Israel in 2002, he just may have tipped his new bosses off to a good deal.

IBM, like EMC and Sun, sells FalconStor's VTL software under an OEM license bundled with IBM hardware. Also like the other three letter OEMs, IBM has to date not announced that its also OEMing FalconStor's deduping software. With the acquisition of Diligent, IBM will have a deduping VTL of its own differentiating it from SUN and EMC and annoying HDS to no end, as it's pretty deeply in bed with Diligent.

Since no one at either company has anything more enlightening than "No comment" to say, we'll just have to wait and see what happens." [source ...]

Green Grid pollutes environment with more white papers
"The Green Grid has been flopping around for about two years and continues to flop.
The organization, backed by some of the biggest name vendors in the technology game, held a conference this week in San Francisco to release - you know what's coming - more white papers. How many white papers? Oh, who cares.
The Green Grid appears locked down by more bureaucracy than your usual standards body type organization. It took one year for the backers to fill out the paperwork necessary to turn into a real organization. And that shift to flip a wooden Pinocchio into a boy only occurred after Microsoft and Intel agreed to play with AMD, Sun, Dell, HP, IBM and others.
Another year has passed, and we find little of substance taking place.
For example, Green Grid representatives held a conference call last week to tell the press about all the organization has accomplished ahead of the Green Grid Forum event. That would be helpful if the representatives actually spewed out details. Instead, they just ordered reporters to show up at their event to hear more information about these precious white papers." [Ashlee Vance in The Register, 6-02-08; more: here]